Our Audience

Senior Center Communications, LLC’s many media products capture the attention of Early Boomers and beyond - 60+ audiences. Our audience is the single, largest consumer group in America at over 100 million. They are the wealthiest, best educated and most sophisticated purchasers. With more disposable income than any population in America they shop for homes, home goods, cars, clothing, travel and technology.


We are Senior Center Communications

After years of working with the education community and developing a highly successful parent newsletter partnership program for over 100 school districts, we turned our attention to the development of a similar community newsletter program that targets age 60+ senior readers across America.


Senior Center Communications, LLC (SCC) partners with municipalities who want to successfully engage their senior residents through community supported senior centers and senior outreach services. These cities and towns promote and encourage use of community supported senior services through our newsletter partnership. Together we provide access to information and programs that place a heavy emphasis on staying physically, intellectually and socially engaged through the retirement years. It’s a partnership that helps ensure healthy lifestyle choices and a great quality of life for age 60+ seniors.


SCC provides “FREE” design and printing of a high quality, local content, senior community monthly newsletter magazine and an online version of current and past issues. We fund it by bringing together leading corporate brands and local businesses who want to reach this valuable 60+ target audience and who recognize the benefit to all by doing that in a socially responsible way.


SCC:  A Socially Responsible Choice

Seniors receive local community information, programs and services that help ensure healthy lifestyle choice opportunities and a great quality of life for their retirement years.


Municipalities or Senior Centers communicate to their seniors through a high quality format that doesn’t compete for community funds or impact their budget.


Advertisers reach this valuable 60+ target audience and receive recognition and loyalty benefit as a result of their advertising support.


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